Last Minute Costumes Using Items from Your Closet

Avoid the mad rush of last minute costume shoppers and raid your closet for these everyday items to assemble an easy costume.

How many times have you made grand mental plans for a really elaborate Halloween costume, but life gets in the way of your inner Oscar-winning costume designer? Work, school or even checking out the fall hot spots in Kansas City all take up a lot of time in October. These simple costume ideas can be assembled from items you probably have in your closet and supplemented by a trip to the drug store. So, whether you’re going to hang out in your apartment in Lee’s Summit watching Ghostbusters or attend a party with friends you can be sure to add the festive spirit to your day! 

Identity Thief 

Though getting your identity stolen isn’t a joke, make a light-hearted joke with this VERY easy costume. Buy a pack of “Hello My Name Is” name tags and write a bunch of random names all over them. Dress as you normally would and cover yourself in the name tags. You can even make a grand gesture out of it at a party by writing down the name of someone when you greet them and affixing it on your person as if you have just “stolen their identity”.


Love them or hate them, everyone knows Nickelback. For this costume, you need to dig around in your couch cushions or on the floor of your car and produce a nickel. Adhere the coin to your back and there you have it: Nickelback! Elevate the costume by printing out or cutting out a larger than life nickel. You can really drive it home in a social situation by speaking or singing in your best post-grunge inspired Chad Kroeger voice.

Beauty/Prom/Homecoming Queen

Want to get one more wear out of that pricey gown you bought for that one wedding that one time? It’s time to bust out that organza dress that you never had any intention of “altering to a tea-length frock” and strut your stuff! Complete your look with a corsage, sash and tiara and you’re all set! You can take the costume to a darker place by drawing inspiration from the movie Carrie, but that isn’t advised if around young children.

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